Who we are
For innovative cannabis leaders who need reliable products and partners, CB1 Brands is a vertically integrated company that brings safe and desirable cannabis products to market. Unlike legacy operators, CB1 Brands builds new operational models to reshape the cannabis landscape.

CB1 Brands is a model corporation in the cannabis industry providing alternative medicinal options in the fight against opioid/opiate abuse and cancer related symptoms. We only promote the highest quality and most reputable medicinal cannabis brands in the industry. We are pioneers in funding medical research studies to scientifically prove the multitude of medicinal benefits derived from cannabis. Our brands can be found in both CA and Nevada dispensaries.

Our Capabilities

We provide business and operations
solutions for the cannabis industry.

Business Development

We create value by getting our hands dirty. We are experienced operators who can connect the dots and are inclined to action.


We build brands that have an authentic voice. We are storytellers who captivate and engage with audiences in authentic ways.


We believe building a strong strategy begins with understanding our client and the people they serve. We ask tough questions so we can empathize with our client and make meaningful connections with their customers.


We work closely with partners to decide the exact messages to send out to the world. We use new and traditional tactics to build real and emotional connections with our clients’ audience in the complex digital world.


We make products for real people. We bring together cutting-edge research, superior science, and thoughtful considerations to wow consumers.


We use years of experience to establish and nurture revenue channels. Our team is restless in their pursuit of consistent growth.