Aces Extracts

Awards for Aces Extracts

First Place Peoples Choice Vape Pen - Central Valley Cannabis Cup 2018

Second Place Overall Vape Pen - Central Valley Cannabis Cup 2018

Aces Extracts is a lifestyle cannabis brand that uses technology to empower a new class of cannabis consumers. The company feat features four flagship strains exclusively formulated for any moment in an active life. By concentrating these strains and packaging them in convenient and portable hardwear, Aces intended for the product to be enjoyed at any time. Aces Extracts engaged CB1 Brands to develop their product offerings and build brand equity in their target consumer segments.

Key Quote

“Pure, potent, and portable. Aces
Extracts are cannabis products for
an active lifestyle.”

Strategy 01

Define Market

The product team at CB1 reviewed purchase data for cannabis consumers to understand behavioral patterns including which products and effects were being selected for stimulating and social settings. The team developed profiles for various segments of the consumer base to best understand what characteristics were being selected for and which brands elicited an emotional response
by users.

Strategy 02

Define Product

Based on insights gathered, CB1 Brands developed product offerings that matched consumer preferences. This included developing unique strains intended to induce a specific response in the user and negotiating with suppliers to provide quality packaging and consumption materials. CB1 Brands operated in tandem with regional manufacturers to develop quality assurance procedures that meet state regulations and provide a consistent experience for every consumer.

Strategy 03

Engage Audience

Aces Extracts wanted to capture the spirit of adventure in their brand positioning. CB1 Brands created bold packaging and an aspirational art direction to captivate both new and returning cannabis consumers. Brand campaigns focused on the quality of the cannabis product and the convenience of the packaging. CB1 Brands introduced the product to retail operators and managed order fulfillment to ensure customer successes and build business.

The results of CB1 Brands role are clear. The company grew account distribution from 3 in 2017 to 30 in Q1 2018 (with new accounts projected to more than triple by end of Q2). At the same time, quality has increased. Production facilities standardized extraction procedures across state lines and suppliers use data to anticipate demand and forecast future consumer behavior As a result, Aces Extracts continues to outperform similar products in it’s category.