The Truth
The Truth is a line of well-crafted cannabis products. The product line features three flagship occasion-based strains in a range of full-flower packaged goods including loose flower, pre-rolled joints, infused joints, and micro-crystalline cannabinoid powder. The Truth believes in celebrating the cannabis ritual, from farm to flame. Drawing from this commitment to the pathos of cannabis use, and the deep rooted counter-spirit of the farmers who grow it, the CB1 team sought to develop a brand system that immortalize the spirit of the early cannabis pioneers while remaining distinguishable and defensible. CB1 Brands developed the strains, cultivation specifications, products, packaging protocols, visual system and voice in its entirety for The Truth.

Key Quote

“Unlike massive grow operations, we have an individual relationship with each plant. Hand watered, hand picked, and hand trimmed; our flower is grown organic, pesticide free, and
with no added plant growth regulator.”

Strategy 01


The products are intended for users who may have smoked before and are rediscovering cannabis. Strains were selected based on their full bodied flavor profile and consistent balance of THC and terpene expression. Packaged as individual flower or pre-rolled joints, each item in the product line is intended to celebrate the ritual of cannabis use.

Strategy 02


The Truth product line was developed for cannabis users of an older demographic. The brand draws influences from 1970s counterculture motifs to promote the transcendental truth of the beneficial relationship between plant and human.

Strategy 03


Building on demographic data and the brand values, CB1 Brands incorporated the brand identity into durable packaging. Organic colors, hand drawn embellishments, simplified copy, and natural materials highlight the of quality of the product.